I’m proud to carry my father’s vision into the future by relying on his bedrock principles: safety, courtesy, reliability and a job well done the first time. I’m forever grateful to my father for having instilled in me values and principles that make Jaflo a fantastic company.
Jay Florio CEO

Leaders in Safety Since 1965

Jaflo was founded in 1965 by John A. Florio. John began his arborist career along the shores of Long Island, NY, helping with the restoration efforts following the Great Hurricane of 1938.

Under the leadership of John’s son, John P. Florio (Jay), Jaflo has expanded and employs over 400 full time, highly trained staff, a fleet of over 88 pruner lifts, 160 + state of the art off road units, multiple chippers, herbicide application rigs and industry specific equipment which aid in completing projects safely and on time. Jaflo has been providing full-scale vegetation management services for over 50 years and offers a team of experienced, ISA-certified arborists ready to assist businesses avoid unexpected expenses associated with unmanaged vegetation. Jaflo is proud to offer premium services to utilities, municipalities, and businesses throughout the East Coast and beyond.

Jaflo is committed to growing smartly, with safety as a priority. The company anticipates having an increased presence throughout the United States over the coming years.

Helping Communities Weather the Storm

Since founder John A. Florio helped repair the vast destruction caused by the Great Hurricane of 1938, Jaflo has been dedicated to supplying relief and support efforts to communities devastated by natural disasters.  From the shores of Long Island to the coast of Florida, our team stands ready to lend a hand and rebuild towns and communities following debilitating storms.


Jaflo team members in Florence, South Carolina, aided in relief efforts following 2016’s Hurricane Matthew. Meanwhile, the thankful community showed its love.

Our History

John A. Florio Comes to America

Jaflo’s founder John A Florio, born in Italy in 1919, immigrates to the United States. He is registered at Ellis Island.

The Great Hurricane of 1938 Hits

John begins his career as an arborist on Long Island, NY. When the Great Hurricane of 1938 strikes, he helps repair its destruction.

John’s Fleet Grows

Throughout the 1940s, ‘50s and 60s, John helps carve out the electric and pipeline corridors that span the countryside. During this time John assembles a small fleet of trucks and chippers for use on distribution and maintenance projects.

Jaflo Is Founded

John incorporates Jaflo Tree Service, which is now operated by his son John P. Florio (Jay). Jay has a Bachelor of Science in Ornamental Horticulture and was raised the old-fashioned way: learning from the ground up.

Jaflo Grows

Jaflo purchases a 2nd corporate office in Allentown, PA to assist and support its ever-growing business.

Jaflo Turns 50

Jaflo celebrates its 50th year of providing quality, safe service to businesses and municipalities across the East Coast.

Jaflo Today

Jaflo looks to expand into new markets with the support of a highly trained workforce and state of the art equipment.