Murphy the Giraffe Has Plenty of Food Thanks to Jaflo

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Kelly feeding Murphy

Arm outstretched with a tasty piece of browse, Kelly, Jaflo’s president, has figured out the perfect way to become Murphy’s new friend.

When the Lehigh Valley Zoo in Schnecksville, PA acquired the Masai giraffe Murphy, Jaflo stepped in and helped make sure Murphy has all he needs to get comfortable in his new home. Using the cut branches, also known as browse, from its tree trimming projects, Jaflo has provided the 16-year-old giraffe with plenty of his favorite food!

Browse is one of the most nutritional (And tasty!) foods for giraffes like Murphy. It will provide Murphy with plenty of water, as well as activity and entertainment when he is eating. It will also help keep his digestive system running smoothly. The Lehigh Valley Zoo is even storing Jaflo’s browse so Murphy has plenty to eat come winter.

Jaflo will continue to help Murphy get all the food he needs. Instead of going to the chipper, smaller tree branches will go right to Murphy. The vast majority of trees trimmed by Jaflo can be used to feed the giraffe, so Murphy will have no shortage of food.

For over 50 years, Jaflo has been dedicated to helping communities across the country. Now, the company is excited to lend a hand in its own backyard and welcome the area’s newest member to the community!