Clearing the Way for Over 50 Years

Utility Line & Brush Clearing

As an independent company, Jaflo offers competitive options resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

With Jaflo on your team, competitive pricing, safe operations and timely job completion are to be expected. Jaflo recognizes the demands of regulatory compliance yet offers flexibility required by utilities.

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Vegetation Management Services

Save costs and avoid unforeseen expenses with our certified team of arborists. They will help your business create a plan to tackle unmanaged vegetation.

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Other Services
Storm and Emergency Restoration Services
When a storm or emergency strikes, Jaflo is here to help. Immediate response is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Jaflo’s emergency coordinator and a highly trained emergency response team.
Stump Grinding and Removal
Stumps, which remain following tree removal, present an obstacle to mowing along with a safety hazard. Jaflo‘s team will remove stumps by grinding them well below surface, maintaining property and promoting safety.
Tree Removal
Tree removal involves more than simply “cutting down” a tree. In order to safely remove any tree, the pieces of the tree must be brought to the ground in a controlled manner, using experts trained in everything from simple felling to complex rigging. Jaflo’s tree care experts will remove any tree of issue or concern. Jaflo’s tree expert team is highly trained and has the experience required to safely remove hazardous trees without disrupting or damaging surrounding areas.
Jaflo’s team can assist in all aspects of mowing, to a small strip along a right-of-way, to large spans, Jalfo’s team can help you keep grass low, vegetation pruned and your property clear of brush and debris.
Pruning and Brush Clearing
Overgrown brush is not only unsightly, it also poses a safety hazard. Whether you have a large or small job, Jaflo has a professional team and state-of- the-art equipment to help.
Herbicide Application
A significant part of Jaflo’s right-of-way vegetation management services include customizable herbicide applications. Jaflo’s licensed herbicide applicators are available to discuss various herbicide management methods that balance your needs, environmental concerns and cost effectiveness.
Consulting and Planning
Jalfo not only prunes and removes trees and clears brush, Jaflo also provides consulting services to help you make informed and accurate decisions when it comes to managing property and vegetation.